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October 5, 2020 / By Passion Air Admin

Non-Inverters are being phased out, in fact, most manufacturers no longer produce non-inverter aircon. As Inverters are more energy efficient, the operating cost will be lowered.

Instead of running at full capacity whenever the aircon is on, inverter type aircon are able to adjust its power consumption accordingly based on the indoor room temperature which allows the compressor to run as a continuous load cycle, this ease the tension and promotes longer compressor life. As opposed to non-inverter type compressors which runs on a cut in cut out basis.

What this means to new converts

Save on operating cost due to more efficient power consumption

Experience better indoor air quality with quieter operation

Greater Comfort as indoor temperature are kept more constant

A little downside

For those that are more sensitive to temperature, you may be able to experience the difference in operation pattern and will require some adjustment before being used to it.


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