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7 Signs you are an Aircon Addict

November 23, 2020 / By Admin

One way or another, Airconditioning has made its way into our lives! We see it almost everywhere; hospitals, schools, libraries, museums, homes and more. Can […]

Adiós to Non-Inverter Aircons

October 5, 2020 / By Passion Air Admin

Non-Inverters are being phased out, in fact, most manufacturers no longer produce non-inverter aircon. As Inverters are more energy efficient, the operating cost will be […]

Aircon 101 and Budgeting

September 28, 2020 / By Passion Air Admin

Single-splits consist on a condensing unit (CU) located at the outdoor and only be connected to a single indoor unit also known as fan coil […]

The Future for Aircon Refrigerant

June 20, 2020 / By Admin

Moving away from HCFCs (hydrochlorofluorocarbons) The 1987 Montreal Protocol The Montreal Protocol is a global agreement to protect the ozone layer by controlling, reducing and ultimately […]