Simple Self-Care for Home Air-Conditioners

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November 9, 2020 / By Passion Air Admin

We all understand the importance of proper maintenance for any electrical / household appliance. As it definitely will help prolong the life span of the appliances.

As a typical busy city person, we may often engage an air-conditioning contractor for quarterly maintenance and call it a done deal.

But why not give it some love yourself?

Here is some simple self-care that we can give to our air-conditioners;


Self-Care Tips for Home Air-Conditioners



Remove & wash the air filters with water (if the air-conditioner is being switched on for 8 hours daily)



Apply some Anti-Micro Bacterial spray on to the air filters. (Dust & Dirt will still be collected on the filters, but this step can reduce the growth of mould & bacteria in the air-conditioners)



Open the windows & turn the air-conditioners to “Fan” Model (for at least an hour) for better ventilation within the room and to prevent unpleasant smell & growth of mould



Remove batteries from the handheld wireless remote controller if the air-conditioner is not used for a long time. Alkaline batteries are prone to leaks if left unused for a long time & will cause damage to the remote controller.