7 Signs you are an Aircon Addict

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Posted on: November 23, 2020

One way or another, Airconditioning has made its way into our lives! We see it almost everywhere; hospitals, schools, libraries, museums, homes and more. Can we ever go back to living without air conditioning? Have we become addicts to the cool air?

Here are some signs for you to find out!

1. You opt for food court over hawker centre, because aircon

2. You turn on the aircon the moment you reach home

3. You can’t fall asleep without the aircon being turn-on (pun intended)

4. The soft sound of the aircon blowing is your oh so sweet lullaby

5. You don’t walk on the streets of Orchard but instead tread underground, because aircon

6. You notice the moment someone dare adjust the temperature on your remote control

7. You have never live a day without aircon