Finding the right capacity for your aircon And why a free upgrade may cost you more

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Posted on: November 30, 2020

There is no one size fits all for air conditioners.
Think Goldilocks and the three bears.
Find a unit that is just right for your individual situation, factoring in the size of your space, your lifestyle and your surrounding environment.

It is the believe of many that a bigger unit will be more effective, this isn’t always the case.
It’s a misconception that can lead to a hefty electricity bill!
Decline the free upgrade option if you do not need it.
Avoid under sizing but avoid over sizing your aircon as well.

Before doing a heat load calculation.
Here are 3 things that you should consider when looking for the perfect one

How you function in your home

Everyone home is different in terms of size and shape and every household is different too.

Think about how your home functions (not just how big it is), the orientation of your home, does the sun hit any part of your home and the number of windows in the area. All these details make a big difference.

What is your personal preferences

Everyone has their individual preference and depending on your lifestyle you will have a different opinion on what is the ideal air-conditioned environment. During bedtime, one may like to sleep in a warm cocoon, while another prefers the ice-cold igloo. Concern your ideal temperature, where you’ll spend most of your time, and what you’ll be doing in different parts of your home. This will give you a good indication of the areas you’ll want to be cool, and where you might need a more powerful unit.

Bigger isn’t always better
You will receive an unnecessary charge to your electricity bill as it potentially costs more to run. An oversized capacity has other negative impact as well. It is likely to start up and shut down more often throughout the day, because it reaches its set temperature more quickly. All this switching on and off can take its toll over time, meaning more wear and tear on the unit, and more frequent repairs. It might also not properly dehumidify the space. This is because the air-conditioner cools the space too quickly and then powers down before the moisture level is reduced.

On the other hand, an undersized aircon system will not provide adequate cooling and dehumidification.

After considering the above matters, consult an aircon specialist.

Come down to our showroom and have a chat with us or let us visit you and assess your home.

We can explain the benefits of different aircon models as well, so that you can make an informed choice.


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